How to Minimize Dragon and it NOT close

When I click on the minimize (-) button, Dragon closes,
There is no ‘minimize’ under the button, only ‘exit’,
SO, how DO I minimize it? as I do not want to keep it open all the time.

I do have the ‘Minimize to Tray’ extension that is supposed to keep it from closing when clicking the + (it is turned off as it does not work at all, still closes when the + is clicked).

The other extensions are AdBlock+, Do Not Track, and a speed dial extension which should have nothing to do with minimizing.

Hi CU9876,
Do you have the default theme?
Does Alt+Space+N work correctly and minimize only?

Default theme, Alt-space-N works.
Minimize is quirky, one day it minimizes, the next day it doesn’t.
With no changes to anything, it is working this morning.
It may have something to do with extension ‘Minimize to Tray’ that I use.
I will turn that off for a while and see.

(By the way, I misspoke, it is ‘Last Tab Standing’ that is supposed to keep the browser from closing that does not work)

Are you using custom skin or theme with your Dragon? If that is the case try going back to standard skin or theme and see if that fixes it.