How to make udp trackers work in utorrent?

Everytime, in the tracker list in utorrent, there is an “udp tracker” I always see a message “Connection timed out” (see below)

What particular rule do I have to set apart from the 5 rules here?

[attachment deleted by admin]

My udp trackers are port 80, and the rules you listed are the ones I use with one change, rule 4, change ‘Ask’ to ‘allow’.

But rule 4 is only TCP… should I set it “TCP or UDP”?

You require TCP. Try both?

I have not yet clear (talking about “udp tracker”) what is the “direction”… I mean … with the “udp tracker stuff” who is the “source” and who is the “destination”?

Whose “port 80” should be opened and not blocked?

Anyway, thanks for your replies :-TU

all UDP ports blocked are within the port ranges allowed. So these are not replies to requests sent.
(from viewing my Firewall logs).

I tested with my BitTorrent as ‘Trusted’ and the UDP ports still did not connect (timed out). This may be an issue with the UDP trackers, as CIS is not causing this.
I am returning to the Torrent rules I set up for BitTorrent.

So it is an issue due to udp trackers and not by CIS :-TU

I have this same problem too and wish someone more knowledgeable than me (that’s most everyone out there) could present a solution.