How to make mask for changing folder name

I have a mod for doom 3.

When i start the mod it creates a tmp map with a file in it.
Every time i start it the temp map has a differtent name (XXX.tmp). How can i excluded the file from being sandboxed all the time?

I tried adding this rule to defense plus security rules but that does not work




If you’ve implemented 3rd party mods concerning the app, Comodo may be reacting badly to heuristic detectoin of shell-code injection protection.

If you trust, i.e., you stake your, your wife & all your little one’s teddy bears on what you’re running: add the EXE in question to the shell-code exclusion list.

Hallo Medelander.

Can you take a look at the Defense + Rules and see if there is a rule called “All Applications”. If there is drag and drop the rule for doom3hd.bat to a place above the “All Applications” rule. The logic behind this is that once a rule is underneath the “All Applications” rule it will follow the rule set by “All Applications” rule; it is subordinate. In short it does not matter what policy the rule for the Doom3 mod is given.

Speaking of policies. What policy did you give the Doom3 mod?