How to make image file from PSone/PS2 games?


Any idea how to make image files from the game disc? The problem is that it runs fine in PSX emulator when I run it from the CD, but when I do a 1:1 image file and run it, it won’t work. Same thing with both ePSXe and pSX.
I’ve tried with ImgBurn, but doesn’t work. Same with IsoBuster (it doesn’t even create a .cue). Tried both extract raw, and extract raw → user data function in IsoBuster.
Any ideas?


if you just want a screen capture I’d look into a program called Fraps. You can capture screens or video clips.

Try Alcohol 120 % Great program ! :slight_smile:


~ Using Old Version of ISO Buster (Mine: 0.99.5)

*. Right click on the first CD/DVD icon (from the left window)
*. Choose Extract Image → Extract RAW
*. Fill the image name and manually add “.iso” to filename’s end

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  • Try isobuster’s old version → Download here (0.99.6 is the best)