How to make Firewall ALWAYS ask, even for Comodo Safe List [v4.X]


I have recently upgraded from 3.X to 4.X.

I have noticed that not every application creates an alert when it wants to connect to the internet (this was the case with Opera, Pidgin). I later read that CIS 4.X now takes into account Comodo Safe List and allows some of the apps automatically. And doesn’t create rules for theme (in Network Security Policy window).

I found out I can set Firewall and Defense+ to “Create rules for safe applications” which solves the problem partially. It creates the rules for every application but does so silently, behind my back.

Is it possible to make CIS ask, every time an application tries to do something, that’s not on the Network
Security Policy ? Just like it was by default in 3.x version

Windowx 7 x64bit
Using Safe Mode as a firewall mode

I hope you understand my question. Thanks in advance.


Hallo yogal.

IIRC what you wish is setting Firewall Security level to Custom Policy mode (right-click CIS tray-icon)


thanks for the reply.

I’ve read up on this mode and it indeed seems like the thing I need.


You’re welcome.

Just in case Firewall Tasks > Advanced >Firewall Behavior Settings > ‘Alert Settings’ tab will allow you to tune the number of alert you’ll get for each application and the detail of the rule created if you mark one of such alert to be remembered.

I would advise against Very high alert level though (default setting is low)