How to make Comodo NOT ask for individual IP addresses with Firefox or IE?

Maybe I am missing something. I have configured Comodo to ask for Firefox to access any remote port but cannot figure out how to NOT make it ask for EVERY single IP address.

In Tiny Firewall when I start Firefox it will alert me for access on Port 80 on that single IP address but I can just click on another tab and select All IP Addresses and it will not alert me any more on Port 80. Same thing for any other Ports i.e. 443, 21, etc.

I want Comodo to alert me on every port but NOT every single IP address.


  1. Go to Comodo’s website. Get an alert for access on port 80 any IP address>Allow but do not remember.

  2. Go to DSL Reports. No alerts.

  3. Go to my banking site. Get an alert for access on port 443 any IP address> Allow but do not remember.

  4. Go to another HTTPS site. No alerts

  5. Go to an FTP site. Get an alert for access on port 21 any IP address>Deny but do not remember.

  6. ETC.

Is it possible?


Go to firewall > advanced > firewall behavior settings > alert settings. What level do you have?

Very High. Everything is on the highest settings.

Comodo is similar to Tiny but not as refined.

If it’s just for Firefox and IE you want this done, create rules for both of them that allows and all IP adresses for TCP and UDP on a specific port(I guess you want to control what port they use?).
Else, you’ll have to change your alert level to high(shows alert for Out, In, TCP, UDP and every port) and it won’t show any alerts for a specific IP-adress.


Thanks Ragwing. Just started using this product and did not even think about the alert settings (now set to high). The post by Japo (Thanks) should have made me pay more attention. It’s just I am use to setting everything on it’s highest settings and working from there.

Nice product this Comodo! Can only get better IMO. Should have beta tested from the beginning like I did with Tiny but priorities have changed.

Thanks again,

i dont understand how spyware doctor is saying that comodo has a backdoor.hackdoor inside its directory? also its saying Keenvalue is adware by euniverse also under comodo directorys with 75 other spyware files can someone plz hlp me to understand if its a spyware doctor problem or is my computer compomised again i was going to uninstall spyware doctor because it has made the computer really slow in the past but now im conserned about the backdoor.hackdoor trojan viris its saying is inside comodo directory… Do i reinstall comodo uninstall spywaredoctor or a fresh install of Windows Vista, I have Avg anti virus and that did not pick up on this trojan thing

Hi Huskie,

A couple of programs are hitting false positives with Comodo because its safelist is encrypted. Lavasoft (makers of Ad-Aware) for one has already corrected it in its newest update. If you want to be sure continue the query in a new thread. :slight_smile:

an alternative way is to set this in the FW rules. You allow any IP on port 80, everything else NOT on port 80 will be blocked or asked. Pretty simple.

Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy

Locate Firefox and double click on it. You should see it’s rules. Erase all rules and create a new one. Set “Action” to “Allow”, “Protocol” to “TCP”, “Direction” to “Out”, destination port to “80” (single port setting). Apply and create another rule. Set “Action” to “Ask”, “Protocol” to “TCP”, “Direction” to “Out”, destination port to “80” (single port setting) AND check the exclusion checkbox (thus excluding port 80 from asking). Apply and enjoy. (You can optionally create a third rule that blocks everything that don’t trigger other rules. but watch the order of the rules)

PS you may also want to allow port 443.