How to make CIS less chatty? [RESOLVED]

Hey guys,

I have a question…how do i configure CIS to be less chatty?..i understand what to do when i get notifications while surfing or installing programs but other people who use the computer don’t…is there a way to do this without turning Defence + off and still being able to have good security?


Hey, The default settings that come with CIS at the moment is probably less chatty settings possible at the moment (that I’m aware of)

Unfortunatly at the present time…it’s usability thats the downside to CIS, With the defense+ pop-ups. It’s being worked on by the devs though.

Right click on CIS try icon>Defence+ Security Level>Training Mode.

After sometime, say one day or so change it to Safe Mode or Clean PC Mode. Defence+ will learn your computer’s working and will make automatic rules for applications.

For Firewall also you can make it training mode to suppress alerts, though I won’t recommend it.

When you intend to install a program, before starting the set up file, Open CIS GUI - Click on ‘Switch to Installation Mode’ under ’ Pro Active Defence’ (right hand corner of summary screen). This will supress all the alerts. Remember to click the ‘Switch to Previous Mode’ (same link) once installation is complete.

Hey guys,

thanks for the info i have actually tried all of those ideas and the program is still too chatty for my wife who doesn’t understand what to allow or block!..any other suggestions?

Hi raynman,

HIPS is simply essential in our days. You can also understand the basic principles of Defense+ in the PDF CIS user guide. If it does get a bit much, what I can suggest for you’re wife is another alternative, ThreatFire. It is free and works well with your existing Antivirus that uses behavioral technology, Though Defense+ is still more powerful, it should work well for your wife. You can then disable Defense+ via Defense+>Advanced>Defense Settings>Defense+ Security Level “Disabled” and reboot.

Usability is improving for CIS, and it will get better in the future.


I think i may try and give her a tutorial or something because i don’t really like threatfire as it usually makes my systems unstable…i have tried it a couple times in the past and it didn’t work for me (resource hog)…Since i installed the new CIS (before i had just the firewall) it seems to ask about every little thing all the time so i can’t wait for the usabiltity to improve although i hope it remains as powerful!.. (V)

I’m with you there! (I don’t like any of PC Tools programs.)

I actually like love :-* ;D all the alerts so I can know what is happening, but I know some don’t like them. From what I’ve heard Norton 360 II gives you good protection without a lot of alerts, but it costs a ton. :P0l

I dislike anything Norton so i wouldn’t be going down that road…i have been doing some mad testing and tweaking and think i may have run every possible program and played with every type of setting so i am hoping that most of the everyday routines are taken care of and CIS has learned mostly everything that this computer does that is safe. (V)

Defense+ is MUCH more powerful then ThreatFire anyway, I only recommended it as a temporary alternative for your wife. You will see huge usability improvements in the future, It’s all in the planning but simply Defense+'s power is just unmatched to anyone in the Security field! :slight_smile:

Anything else you need help with?


Sweet. Will that be together with or after the introduction of the heuristics towards the end of the year?

For sure i can’t wait for the heuristics…although right now do you need a separate real time antispyware or just on demand SAS and MBAM?

If your comfortable with defense+ and know how to answer the alerts + have it set for maximum security = you don’t even need an AV :stuck_out_tongue: Though, We are humans and can make mistakes.

I wouldn’t worry about a realtime scanner… Just use MBAM or SAS on demand. I use A squared 4.0 free for on demand scanning, very sensitive scanner.

I’ve used that in the past and found that it has WAY too many false positives and if someone other than myself ran it on my machine they could do alot of damage…for that reason i won’t touch it anylonger.

4.0 is even more sensitive than the 3.5 because it uses Ikarus engine aswell 88)
So yeah, wouldn’t be good for for the average user.

Anyway, Answer to your question = No you shouldn’t need an real time scanner besides CIS. Just to be extra safe you can scan with SAS or MBAM every week or so.

ya i use SAS and MBAM as well as the free AVG antispyware…i like it for Trojans…although i never find any! :THNK

Next version with heuristics hopefully by end of the year will be first version of more usability improvement. All this will continue going forward. Comodo wanted to bring you security with CFP 3.0, And you guys have seen all that! Now usability progress is happening with v3.5. :slight_smile:


Good to hear thanks for all the udates! (V)

No problem! :slight_smile:

I will go ahead and close this one, PM myself or any online mod if you want it reopened.