How to make CFP3 processes unkillable?

Hi everybody! I moved again to ZoneAlarm free from few days for a little, but dangerous fact.

Comodo Firewall processes (cmdagent.exe, the service, and cfp.exe, the graphical frontend and application monitor) are killable, by me in the task manager, by a batch file with the taskkill command and by a exe (which is the bat compiled). I did this self tests because a couple of weeks ago I got infected by a virus who killed my av and my fireway easily… :a0

I didn’t have the HIPS installed because it’s too nasty, but with the HIPS disable the “killing guard” doesn’t work. On the contrary, ZoneAlarm is not killable. Is there a method to make Comodo totally secure against process kills? I would like to come back to CFP but if what i asked it’s not possible I think I’ll remain on ZA.

Thank you for helping! :slight_smile:
Regards, Luke.

Hello welcome to the forums (:HUG)

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If CFP is not protected by process termination this mean you selected to install firewall only without leak protection.
CFP Hips known as Defense+ it’s an highly configurable specialized component that also carry the termination protection.

In order to enable termination protection it is needed at least to install CFP with leak protection.

Since D+ is configurable you can disable other protection you deem unnecessary and leave only termination protection enabled. You can also finetune in details what registry, files, and components you wish to protect. There is no need for you to stick with the default configs you have full control on what security level you wish to achieve.

I tried this method also… But unfortunately in this configuration CFP is not killable neither by the task manager nor by a batch file… But it’s killable by an exe and i don’t want to keep hips active and see that nasty nags in order to choose which can and which cannot. How can a security software be killable? It’s against the concept of security, isn’t it?

Even in that case there would no much difference in that regard since Zone alarm can be killed by an exe too.

Since I never tested CFP without full hips protection I can only speculate about a possible reason for that failed protection but even so I guess that is should be possible to find out and enable the necessary settings to prevent that too whithout using full hips settings. Anyway I prefer to take my time to learn to use D+ to its full potential.

If you think that Zone alarm is better suited to you needs I’m not going to question your viewpoint.

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