How to make AVG e-mail scanner functional with CPF

From CPF version onwards we have added a new option called “Skip advanced security checks” to an application rule’s Miscellaneous section (This option will force CPF to skip leak checking on an application who has this option enabled.)
AVG Email Scanner compatibility issue is solved when user selects this option with avgemc.exe.

Thankyou - this worked for me.

I have checked and rechecked this these settings and I still can’t get this ■■■■ thing to allow AVG e mail scanner to scann incoming mail. Ihave placed the check mark in skip advanced security checks; Then browsed to AVGEMC.exe as the parent application. in both parent and subparent.
The firewall is preventing the scanner from even connecting to the server. It just runs and runs until it times out. I don’t have any idea what else to set or check.

AVG 7.1.394
Outlook Express 6.0

Someone please tell me EXACTLY what information to put in what lies and what all needs or doesn’t need check marks in the miscellaneous settings please.

You messed up all rules. Delete all rules related to AVG and restart your computer. After the restart, CPF will ask you about AVG services. Allow and remember all of them.

After answering popups, go to Application monitor, double click on the rule for AVGMC.exe and select “Skip advanced security checks” option. Do this ONLY for AVGMC.exe. Dont play with parent application or with any other parameter.

“You application is AVGMC.exe”.

Feel free to ask anything,


Thank you very much; I guess I finally have things set properly. I sure don’t have a clue what I had messed up but the scanner seems to be working properly now. (V) (V) (V)

Good to hear that:)

Good luck

I have the “skip advanced security checks” parameter checked but the AVG email scanner goes inactive after a few minutes. I can restart the AVG Control Center and the scanner is reactivated but after a few minutes it goes inactive. I’m using Thunderbird for my email.

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I downloaded the Comodo Firewall v. BETA after Zone Alarm and Bitdefender 9 antivirus had messed up the use of Thunderbird as my e-mail client with Gmail acting as POP/STMP server.

I was advised to change because it was a known problem. From a discussion forum, I got to know that Comodo was about the best.

I went to the Comodo Forum to find out any user difficulties. I printed out the forum topic ‘How to make AVG e-mail scanner functional with CPF’ because I also had to change to AVG.

When I installed CPF, I followed the procedure from the reply egemen gave to gwhiz1time205.

It came clean but I have also had the problem reported by thomasjk. After a few minutes, the AVG tray icon popped this message: ‘E-mail Scanner is not fully functional’.

I had downloaded AVG Free Reference Guide to which referred.

From instructions there, I went to Application Monitor in CPF and added AVG Update downloader (avginet.exe). The problem was solved and the scanner became functional.

So thomasjk, voila!

The GUI of CPF is fantastic, the services it offers have been reviewed as outstanding; my short use confirms it, and above all it is FREE.

However, why two tray icons – Comodo Launch Pad and the Comodo icon? Increasing tray clutter? Please don’t. One is enough!

God bless you.

Hi and welcome,

With the stable release you can disable the launchpad icon. All the Comodo apps used to be accessed through this, but now Comodo are giving each app their own icon. You will have the choice to keep launchpad on its own or have the firewall icon on its own.

Again welcome to Comodo,

Thanks for the info. I did what you suggested but it still does not work properly. I still get the email scanner being disabled no matter what I do. I guess I’ll go back to Zonealarm. ???

worked for me. Thanks

I try all the procedure described here, but it don’t work fine for me.
configuration :
Windoz 2Kpro SP4
AVG v7.1.405
CPF v2.3.4.45
M$OExpress v6.0.2800.1123
M$IE v6.0.2800.1106

thanks 4 all help you can give


hi, a few reboot later... every thing is correct, (S)

i need a detailed description on how to do this not just bits and pieces.
i have my incrediamil and my avg programs are not working when i have cpf installed. how do i get them to work with cpf?

This fix absolutely worked for me.
Follow the rules!
CPF up and running.
AVG up and running with functional e-mail scanner.


I have inadvertantly posted a problem elswhere and have come to this forum. Could anybody explain in simple terms what to do in AVG to solve the incombatibility problem. The solutions described here are technogarbage to me. What for instance is CPF.?

G’day Gerard,

CPF = Comodo Personal Firewall

I will attempt to tell you how to do set up CPF so it allows AVGs email scanner to work without resorting to “technogarbage”, BUT to make an omelette you have to break eggs - to set up security software you’ve got to be willing to take on a bit of knowledge.

  1. Open CPF
  2. Click on the SECURITY button at the top of the window
  3. Click on APPLICATION MONITOR button at the left hand side of the window
  4. Scroll through the list of applications until you find AVGEMC.EXE (this is AVG’s email scanner)
  5. Double click this to start editing the rule for this application
  6. Click the MISCELLANEOUS tab
  7. Select “Skip advanced security checks”
  8. Click OK

You can now shut the CPF window, as we have completed modifying the rule to allow AVG’s email scanner to work. You should wait a couple of minutes to allow the modified rule to be re-integrated into the rules database. If you reboot your PC, this will force the updated rule to be written to the database and used on system startup.

Once your PC has re-started, or you have waited a handful of minutes, open your email package and attempt to download your emails. You may notice a small lag when the first email is being received. After the first one, it should operate pretty much at normal speed.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Ewen you have made my day.Your lucid description of what to do was just the cats pyjamas. I am 83 years old and the old brainbox is not what it used to be and I really get mixed up if things are not explained ■■■■ by ■■■■ to me. Your procedure appears to have fixed the problem and I am grateful for your help. Cheers.

In the words of Groucho Marx, “A man’s only as old as the woman he feels”. LOL

Glad that it worked for you. If you need any help with other aspects of Comodo’s firewall, please don’t hesitate to ask. There’s a great bunch of users here with a really broad range of experience they’re only too happy to help out, workloads permitting, of course.

I’ll leave you with my favourite quote from Groucho, “If all the women in this room were laid end to end, I wouldn’t be suprised.”

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. To any female forum readers, I don’t endorse Groucho’s remarks, I just think they’re funny.