how to make application with multi parents?


At first I found COMODO keep tracking parents is a nice feature. But after using for over 1 week, I found this become a little bit annoying. That’s because it save only 1 parent. If there are more than 1 program should be the parent, e.g. explorer and OUTLOOK should be the parents of IE, COMODO keep alerting that new parent is found.

I tried to select the option “skip parent check” in the rule for IE. But it doesn’t help. or maybe i misunderstood that option…


Hi newdave and welcome to the forums.
On installation the “Scan for known applications” wizard set up the basics for me.
Because I click on email links my browser has 2 rules in app monitor.
One with explorer.exe as the parent (when launched from the desktop) and one with my email client as the parent for email links.
If I get an alert that some other parent is involved then that needs to be looked at carefully, if it’s legitimate, some progs use online help files, I allow without ticking the remember box. If it’s an unknown parent, then I could have a malware problem.
Here’s an interesting thread that might help.,6908.0.html