How to make a SDK directory allowed to run?

So I have a folder with c++ and other things in which I can use programs to make a new executable form development code.
It’s become rather annoying every new ‘build’ in that I have to keep re-authorizing each new build. Pse see screenshot

what can I do?

Create a file group for the folder and use the HIPS predefined ruleset Installer or Updater when you create the HIPS rule for your newly created file group.

I was ‘trying’ to create a file group. It seems though that I do not understand exactly how to alter any ‘setting’ or create a file group. In the screenshot I attached you will see that I “red-X’d” a couple places where a mouse-hover and click produces nothing. So how exactly does one get to 'Settings" or create file groups ?

ok … somehow the setting window finally came up … lemme see if I can create a HIPS folder rule …

OK then … PERFECT answer ‘futuretech’ !!

I got the JTSDK folder into HIPS as Installer … and now tested building two versions of the stuff … no warnings nagged the process. Thanks again