How to make a new(default)"Optimum security" setting once deleted?

Last night my firewall started blocking all kinds of connections from windows and known,unchanged applications Some 2000 intrusions an hour coming from mainly " RIPE Network Coordination Centre " , and “Utorrent”.
(I never touched comodo or reinstalled/updated Utorrent) and a few from firefox.

Because the amount of wrongly (?) blocked incoming connection was huge, and browsing was also slow and problematic, I decided to try the “Pro active” setting, which solved the problem.After making Utorrent a trusted application ,I never got any pop up questions about all the blocked windows system connections. Nor do I have a lot of open connections ATM

AND HERE is my problem : In an attempt to erase my personal “optimum” settings, and start from scratch again, I did not just delete my settings…,but deleted the whole thingy. Meaning there is no such thing as "optimum security " in the configuration menu any more.Nor does a reboot make one.

Can anyone please tell me how to make a new (default) "optimum security " setting ?
So it appears in the list again and is the same?

And perhaps explain the difference between the two ? Is it worth it to change again at all ?
I have found such a thread here , but the link to the explanation on it doesn’t work and the thread is closed.

THX in advance!

Hello there,

You can go to Misc, Manage my configurations, select import and browse to the c:\program files\comodo<firewall folder>

There are all default policy’s extension ending on .cfg you should be able to “import” the config you wish to return there.

Hi and THX.
I just had a look, but I have just 5 cfg files, the one called “optimum” is missing there too.
Perhaps you can see anything in there I could use as a start for a new default “optimum” setting?

Hey zo even uit m’n hoofd zou ik zeggen “ProActive Security” moet de juiste zijn :wink:


Try “Proactive security” if my memory’s right that should be the one equal to “Optimum Security”.

Nederlander ja :slight_smile:

Sorry to ask a little bit more but since we’re at it :slight_smile:

Am i right to think that if I import a setting that way,it will be loaded as a default setting?
Meaning the allowed/blocked connections will be undone?
Or only if I have never selected and/or imported that particular setting yet ?
(trying that could mean a lot of work on my computer that’s FULL with programs, so I rather ask)
It seems nothing is written on the cfg files when settings are changed
At least windows can’t detect any file modifications in that folder after I allowed/disallowed new connections.
If it did I would likely have a better idea how to solve my problem.

And do you perhaps know where i can read about the difference between “optimum” and “pro active” ?

THX again!

Import settings “AS” gives the opportunity to give it a different name and yes that will not contain rule settings from “other” profiles, so if you import such a file you have to start all over again.

You can use the cfp reporting script to compare differences in settings for profiles, you can find it here:

En groeten terug.

OK thx!

All clear now.

Kaasie :slight_smile: