How to log everything the firewall is blocking

Hi there i having lots of problems at the time i need a need ip, restart pc or simple just start up

Im unable to get any ip couse firewalls is blocking communication with the modem, pretty much blocking essential stuff and cause me troubles.

this guide help a bit.

but the problem still persist, and i want to know what the firewall is block to fix it. AK i want to log everything to know, now how i manage to do that ?

What does your ‘System’ rule look like?

it got the default rule that come with install. allow all outgoing rule.

i just delete it and place firewall in learn mode to try to check whats going on.

Also the global rule that blocks all incoming request is a mayor problem for me, after i check log in the rule notice it was blocking everything even the talk that does the modem with the pc.

Because that’s not the default for system.

You should set a trusted network zone and set the system rule to use the zone. You should also see the same zone used at the top of the global rules. Also ‘Learning’ only works for application rules.

At this point I’d say you need to import the default config and try again.

You should set the firewall to disabled, then connect to the network, then go to manage networks task and click on trust network then press ok button. After set the firewall back to safe mode and check if the issue continues.

i did reset all rules and its working a little better now.

but still remain some problems, example i cant access to my modem interface

I have create network zones as futuretech mentioned and auto creation aswell for some reason i cant firewall is blocking something that i cant not tell/notice. if i disable the firewall i can do it normally.

thats my problem firewall dont report anything back what is blocking…

oh i have no router maybe is different for most ppl than me.

Well everything working much better now the problem i got coming from anti-arp spoofing disable it and all working good.