How to log alert on Defense+ ?

Window XP pro
Comodo 4.1.150349.920
Avg antivirus

I had set Defensive+ as “Safe Mode” but once I install programs there’ll be a lot of Alert prompt option to allow/block.
I need a bit help , how do I disable the alert prompt but still keeping the log of all the Alert prompt ?

So , it’s easier to check back the alerted installation of the application.Whether the application is harmful and the directory / modified file that the application had done.

Thank you , really appreciate someone could help me out . :slight_smile:

Do you have the sandbox enabled (default setting) or did you disable it?

When installing an application what kind of alert do you get with what choices? Can you post a screenshot of it?

A lot of alert something do with Access Memory , modify Key , create process , access COM interface , and etc.
Sandbox was disable . Actually what does a sandbox do ?

With the sandbox disabled I think you get the “old school” alerts. When installing choose the Installer/Updater policy for that file (no need to let it remember your answer).

A sandbox shields the OS from a running program. The program runs with less rights.

Defense + only logs questions and blocks.

I just tried it enable sandbox but how do I know whether those application are really in the sandbox ?
How to check which application are inside my sandbox ?

You can see that in Defense+ → View Active Process List.