How to limit CD rpm?

Folks I need you please tell me a way to make my stupid CD drive spin at a slower, reasonable speed, and make the noise go below 10.000 dB, or I’ll definitely go mad and start to believe I’m the Red Baron. :cry:

I figured there should be something to configure this somewhere but I can’t find anything through Device Manager. I’ve heard there are some programs for this, but I’m reluctant to install additional software if there’s a more direct way (there should be >:(), and I haven’t heard about any of those programs being free anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

And your CD drive spins at 52 X ? 48 ?

I don’t quite know really, but whatever it is if I reduce it the vibrations should go down. I think it’s also how the CPU’s case is poorly designed mechanically and resonates and lacks vibration damping overall.

I’ve found a setting in the drive’s properties for reducing speed during recording, but I’ve got the problem when reading as well and it’s much more annoying then. However I’ll experiment with this setting in case it influences reading speed too, and will post back.

Why don’t you buy a new one ? It will only cost you 10 -20 $

I will try searching for some software. But now I must go to that stupid university :THNK

Thanks. Buying a new drive is not a bad idea after all (specially since it doesn’t even burn DVDs just CDs --but CDs are what I need 99 per cent of the time anyway…), but before that I may try to correct the case’s response by mechanical means… I don’t call myself mech engineer for nothing.

Anyway I tried that property I found but it’s useless. Not only is it about recording not reading, but also it’s for Windows’ own burning software, it doesn’t really control the drive otherwise.

By the way this of course can’t happen with older CDs, they’re quite silent. But these TDK 52x I bought blank… :-\ Next time I’ll try to buy blank CDs with more moderate maximum speed.

i think i’ve had TOSHIBA acoustic silencer pre-installed on my laptop comp before. i don’t know if it has anything to do with CD rpm, but it sure can reduce the noise.

(:NRD) (:NRD)

Hi Japo, sorry that I didn’t see your posting earlier.

Still in hope this might help.

Try this proggie:

Unfortunately it’s German only (But I guess you will easily get into it, since English language is the child of Anglo-Saxon tongue, and both Angles and Saxons once were north Germans, a long long time ago in history of course:)

It’s a proggie with a long, long history as well.
It does not work with every new drive at the market, but maybe you’ll give it a try?

Note: Some newer drives won’t work with normal software based speed decreasers at all.

So if it works, have a ■■■■ with me?
And if not, I’d still have a ■■■■ with you my friend :slight_smile:

Cheers :slight_smile:

And, oh, I forgot:

Es ist Freie Ware (transl.: It is Free Ware)

(Still, the author begs you for some financial help on his site)

If it works, one should think about it, maybe, methinks, I guess, as far as I know etc. etc.



Thanks Rebol. I’m not going to instally any software right now, I’ve recorded the CD I was having problems with to an ISO image and now it’s faster as well as silent. But everybody keep them coming for future reference by me and anyone. :-TU

If not sure what all those German lines inside this small proggie are all about, just ask me.
Btw this proggie also should work on most DVD drives, so no unnerving noise while watching DVD movies…:slight_smile:

You can get the newest version here:

Or here:

Here’s a little screenshot for the insecure:

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Hiya Japo,Nero startsmart has a function for controlling drive speed(not sure if this only applies when using Nero) but it might be worth a shot if you have Nero.