how to let EA eTrust Antivirus work with Comodo Firewall?

After installing Comodo Firewall, my EA eTrust Antivirus 2005 just won’t work, seems the email scanning won’t start properly.
Anyone using the two softwares like me?
how to let them work together?

Hey jjha, Have you tried setting a “Application control rule” in the application monitor for EA?

I would also recommend you to set the “Application control rule” for “EA eTrust Antivirus 2005”. So that the Firewall will trust and allow this application.

Application filtering rules can be added/modified/deleted through Application Control Rule Attributes

Click on the Application tab in the Configuration main screen.

You can add or modify an application control rule by clicking on the Add/ Edit tab. Refer to the process of Add a New Application Rule


I have allowed ca aplications to connect to the net in the comodo options, but it didn’t work.

However, I find a way to fix the problem. I disabled an option “secure the host while booting” in the advanced settings, and all things turned perfect.

I guess it is ea wants to connect the net while the computer starts so as to monitor the viruses from the net, and comodo just “sucured” it by not allowing it to connect.

So the suggestion is to add an exclusion list after the option “secure the host while booting” . How do everyone think?

Has anybody been able to resolve this issue without resorting to disabling the “Secure the host while booting” option?

Secure the host while booting option is not about stealthing your PC while booting. Either you activate this or not, you will still be stealthed.

It is about outbound connections. Until CPF services are up and running, all outbound connections are blocked. I personally dont enable that option. It is for the people who need paranoid level of security.