How to let cFosspeed work normally?

Hi all~This is my first post here :BNC
When I install CPF, the cFosspeed doesn’t work… It seems CPF had blocked cFosspeed’s some
ICMP Packets…

I don’t know how to deal with it (:SAD)

Who’d like to give me a hand? (:SAD)

Do you use default CPF ICMP rules?
cFosSpeed works well with CPF default rule, cFosSpeed only need send ICMP Ping , Not IGMP.
By default cfosspeed pings to, Maybe you need set to change the destination in cfosspeed.ini, in section [param]

you can check follow links:,2784.0.html,2854.0.html

Thank you (:CLP)

I reinstalled the cFosspeed and the problem solved (:KWL)