How to know if Submit Files worked?

I’ve had some files I trust show up on the Pending files list and moved them to the My Own Safe Files list.
I also submitted them to Comodo for analysis on 11/26/08. I’ve checked them since then and they still show up as unknown.
When I do a submit a little window pops up from the system tray area and shows a progress bar and then disappears so quickly I can’t tell if it completed or died or what.

So, how can I tell if the submit actually happened?


Using version 3.5.56968.437

Edit: I think I put this in the wrong place – maybe should be in the Defense+ Help forum?

If windows pops and dissapear too quickly - usualy it means that this files already been submitted and no reason to submit them once again. I have such behavior too.
If I’ve submitted some files - lately submition goes very-very fast. If there any new files - they submits as usual.


When you say the quick submittal means they have already been submitted, do you mean by me or by anyone?

What I’m asking is what should I expect the first time I submit a file? Will there be some kind of acknowledgment that the submit was successful?


  1. Submitted by you
  2. When you submit for the first time progress bar will show you progress of submitting. You will be alerted only if error will occure during sumbit.

In my original post, I said that I had submitted 3 files to Comodo for analysis on 11/26/08. Well, it’s now 12/30/08 and the three files still come up Unknown if I do a lookup. I’ve tried submitting them multiple times since 11/26. By now I’m pretty sure they have never been submitted (that is, the submittal mechanism does not work for me).

These files are not very mysterious. Two are part of avast! and one is a font file.

So I’m still wondering how to know if they got submitted.
And I’m now wondering how I can get submittals to work.


I think what is happening is the CIS team are getting tons of files to review, and it must take a long time to review them all.

i have another thread about this,no matter what file is looked up it says unknown.doesnt matter how old the file is.i have yet to see anything besides unknown for lookup results.

:-\ The same for me. :THNK I wonder if there aren’t many people working on those files. ???

I agree that there must be tons of files being submitted for analysis. I seem to get one every week or so that Comodo says it doesn’t recognize and I should submit it. If every installation has one a week then that would be a lot of files.

In my case I haven’t submitted the new ones. For one thing I’m not sure the submits work. And for another the file name disappears when the alert goes away. Who can remember what should have been submitted??


if i add the makers of avira to my trusted vendors why do i keep getting avira in my waiting for review i know they are updated files but isnt that why theres a trusted vendor option?everyday i have alot of avira files in review.

Select all the Avira files and move them to your Safe files:;msg231361#msg231361

thanks for the link jeremysbost that explains it