How to know how much performance latency each extension create ???

Yes there is plenty of good extensions for chrome. I especially like a extension called “Ghostery” which should really attract people who really want to protect their privacy only. However I wonder how much latency this extension create in the browser ?

I see a big mismatch between topic title and the actual topic.

May be you meant to a different topic? You already have a second topic for Ghostery extension.

Let me know if you want to change the topic start or want me to lock it?

This thread is not about ghostery, it was just an example… of one extension I wonder how much latency it create. I am intersted to know all other extension I use also. It is hard to see with the visible eye.

I see. :slight_smile:

It sounds like something the Wishlist.

I wonder if there is any extension that will count the latency, like for instance in internet explorer, you can see how much latency in MS that eacy extension/add on create.