How To Integrate MPC with The Codec

Hello, I just want to ask, how to integrate MPC (Media Player Classic) with the codec I need (The codec is downloaded separately) ?

I prefer not to use K-Lite Codec Pack, because it is a bloatware.

Thanks for your solution.

Are you sure you need an additional codec, MPC can play virtually anything as it stands. if you do, you can:

If the codec has an installer, otherwise you can place the dll more or less anywhere. Open:

MPC/View/options/External Filters

Browse for your codec and add it. After that, it will be a question of what options the codec has and how you wish to configure them.

Hi Guys,

Hi Quill, as far as I know MPC needs codecs. That is VLC and some others…like Korean, CoolPlayer, Mplayer have internal ones.

MPC can be downloaded separately but it comes with K-Lite Codec Pack(s) for that reason

Hi taufik, I don’t know why do you think that K-Lite is a bloatware?

I think it is the best one out there, but probably you don’t need Full- or Mega- Packs
Get the Basic one

In any case, you may consider asking at

and choose their forum. I am sure you get the answer All depends of what you are doing and what you need from you codecs set.

other good places for getting such info are:

My regards

Hi, MPC Download the latest stable version which is now superseded by MPC-HC Media Player Classic – Home Cinema - Video Player Has the abiliry to decode a great many file types without the need for additional codecs.

Here’s a pic of the standard filters that come supplied with MPC. Personally I don’t use any additional codecs.

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Hi Quill,

Thank you for reply.

I do agree with you. MPC has a set of essentials.
It’s just as I said, since OP mentioned K-Lite it depends on what his demands are in addition re: codecs.
I do need more since Audio/Video editing is one of my hobbies.

Here is the site as I posted above with more detailed MPC description

As a matter of fact the “afterdawn” forum link that you posted was missed by me.
That is indeed another excellent place for getting help and information related to discussed topic.

Thanks again

p.s. since I am using K-Lite - it is just convenient for me because it always contains the latest MPC built.

No worries SiberLynx. I think a lot of people don’t realise that MPC can play various media without the necessity of additional codecs.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, the original MPC written by Gabest has stopped being updated, so I’m not sure who’s making changes to the code now. As far as I was aware the development of the product has switched over to the link I gave for MPC-HC.

Personally I now use smplayer SMPlayer - Download the latest version of SMPlayer. Official site. specifically this MPlayer for Windows version.

I’ve never really been a fan of codec packs but I understand the convenience of them.

Hi SiberLynx, I think you’re right. I remember that K-Lite has various version to provide various user’s needs. Thanks for the links too.

Hi Quill, thanks for the infos.

BTW, I need a codec that can load subtitle file (*.SRT) when I play the movie. What kind of codec is it?

Thanks for your solution.

You shouldn’t need to add anything to the player apart from the location of your .srt files. By default MPC is configured to search

Go to view/options/subtitles

Just load the movie and select the subtitle you’ve downloaded…