how to install other software (past the firewall and CAV)?

Some software won’t install properly if there is an active AV or firewall program. How can I make the CAV and CFW inactive to allow proper installation of these programs?

Thank you.

What software is that?


To deactivate CAVS for an install, simply right-click the systray icon, select “disable HIPS application control” (presuming you’re using CAVS 2.x; if not, then skip that). Then right-click the systray icon (again…) and select “Exit.” You’ll get a prompt about disabling the AV. Click Yes.

To deactivate CFP, first disable or disconnect your internet connection (after downloading any necessary software to install, obviously). Then right-click the systray icon and select “Exit.” That will shut down the user interface side of the FW, which should be sufficient. Same thing as above, you’ll get a warning about closing it; click Yes.

Hope that helps,