How to install only Firewall and Antivirus (without D+)

Hi All,
I have 2 qweries :
b.[/b] I have CIS installed (Firewall + Antivirus + Defense plus) on my PC. My friend wants to install the CIS but without Defense+.
Is it possible to install only Firewall + Antivirus ? If yes please tell me how ?
b.[/b] I have an updated Comodo Antivirus database. I want to update my friends AV database after its installation. Is there any way to update Comodo Antivirus offline. Actually his internet connection is too slow and frequently disconnects. That is why I want to copy my AV database to his PC. But I don’t know which files to copy.

Please tell me step by step how to perform this.


Hi Avinash Look at 3rd post here
(2) The files you would have to remove from your friends and replace with a copy of yours in safe mode are bases.cav in two locations. The locations are Program files\COMODO\COMODO internet security\scanners and also Program files\COMODO\COMODO internet security\repair
This is in XP. Hope this helps and Kind regards.

Install CIS in FULL config… then DEACTIVATE the “DEF+” at DEF+ SETTINGS. that’s it!

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Found here.

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