How to install (on your device) CMS APK downloaded directly from COMODO webpage

Problems when try to install CMS via Android Market?
Google says that CMS is incompatible with your device?
Try this alternative mode…

Step 1)
Download CMS installer (via your PC) directly from here:

Step 2)
Copy the installer (“cms_android.apk”) to your SD card (on android device)
Use X-plore or another transfer app…

Step 3)
On your device, enable (check) “install from unknown sources”, via:
Settings → Applications → Unknown sources

Step 4)
Browse via"My files" application to folder where “cms_android.apk” was copied

Step 5)
Install CMS, clicking on installer pack (“cms_android.apk”)

Step 6)
Ready to use…!!! Enjoy…!!!

[ ]s,
Manuel Fraguas.
from Brazil… o/

Tested on my “incompatible” device model S6102B
Until now, working fine:

  • Antivirus
  • Anti Theft
    Problems when updating antivirus database via WiFi connection.
    But work fine if updated via 3G connection.

[ ]s,

For instructions in brazilian portuguese, check here:

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CMS has always been available to DL via this forum regardless of your hardware / software.
Links are made available here first before Google Play receives it for updating.
Fraguas, your solution is simply what is already made available on here to all users.

Please have a great one.
(on a side note, all posts on the International Forums should be in English please.)
Thank you.

Thanks for your comments…!!!
…and text was moved to right section on this forum… :slight_smile:

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