How To Install It So I Can Install Other Programs

I can’t install or run things after installing it. It is hit or miss most times miss so i don’t ever see the popup dialog box like earlier version. Sometimes i get the sandbox popup. The way i read the dialog i think it means if you check don’t run this program in the sandbox. That means it is a program you trust and should be allowed to install.

Custom policy mode does not work for me. or is that how it is supposed to work?

hp games polar pool after the sandbox window and i choose no don’t ever put in sandbox.

i get you need administrator access to install this. logged on as admin’ installed. Got error when trying to run game closed without running. uninstalled comdo game ran just fine.

i can’t upgrade flash properly with comodo installed

nero wouldn’t run. administrator access error message again.

I fully understand the difference between free and paid. I was clearly and will say again. That this new version is treating programs that i am installing as though they are vriuses. And there is not any click box to let them run. as far as I can see. That is why i was wondering what the difference was. in the new versus the old.

I see no simple treat as installer. Adding programs to my safe list makes no difference. i guess i have to put all files in the programs folders on the safe list.

I have no clue. that might be why i am asking questions.

hp games, flash, my Nvidia drivers, Nero burning software, Firefox browser, utorrent, chrome, ie explorer, pm view, adobe flash media live encoder, miro, vlc media player, broadcaster studio player, veoh player, and coupon printer are not virus programs. That’s why i am puzzled as to the changes.

After uninstalling comodo i had no problems. I guess I will just have to keep off of questionable sites and just run win firewall…

winxp sp3

If you choose the option on the sandbox popup to not run it in the sandbox again the next time you run the program it shouldn’t have a problem.

Personally, I think the sandbox in its current state it too much work. I disable it and just answer the alerts as they come. The install mode option is very useful.

Try CIS without the sandbox and see if that’s more to your liking.