How to install Comodo in Linux Mint 18 "Sarah" - MATE (64-bit) ???

Hi everybody! Respect you all! I’m having problem on installing Comodo in Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” - MATE (64-bit) . I had Comodo in Linux Mint 17.3 “Rosa” - MATE (64-bit) , and everythings was so fine . Today i installed Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” - MATE (64-bit) and my Comodo doesn’t want to be installed . I will do everything to have Comodo installed in my Linux . Please help me and let me know what i have to have Comodo installed on Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” - MATE (64-bit) !!!

Ok , i know : Comodo doesn’t like my Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” - MATE (64-bit) . But why ??

What error(s) are you getting?

I think i recived 3 red errors ,after i opened CAVL installation file but i didn’t a screenshot to tell you about the errors. In Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” the CAVL file was seen as default as archive but in Linux Mint 17.3 “Rosa” Mate this file was able to be seen as ready to be install. Without CAVL for this OS i felt unsafed and i uninstalled “Sarah” and installed “Rosa” yesterday , to be able to install CAVL . I love CAVL too much . I’m praying and I hope that one day we be able to install CAVL on “Sarah” . Thank you!