how to install cis firewall driver manually. need .inf location

hello, i need to add the “comodo internet security firewall driver” to a network interface card on windows 7.

i goto the properties for the network card, click install. now i just need for you to tell me where i can find the .inf file to install the driver.
for some reason, cis6.x does not install the driver automatically for vmware workstation 10, tho it did work with vmware workstation 9.

so please, where can i find that .inf files.
or should i downgrade back to cis 5.x which did work with vmware workstation 10.

thanks much,

Hi asdffdsa,
Check the following location for the requested file.

Kind regards.

captainsticks, thanks much.
so the short version of my question is:
why cannot i manually install inspect.inf for vmware workstation 10(vmw10) nic but i am able to install inspect.inf for my other 15+ nics? .

here is the long version of my qeustion…
on my computer i have two such files: the contents of both files are exactly the same, byte for byte.
so i used the inspect.inf that matches the date/time stamp of c:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\inspect.inf

the problem is that when i tried to install the driver, i was not able to even try.
when i click to add a service, i browse to the c:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\inspect.inf_amd64_neutral_87636d8881e86494
but the ‘select network service’ does not offer any choices. please see the attached image01
as a test, when i try to add the inf file to another nic card, i am given an option. see image02.

again, thanks much

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Hi asdffdsa,
Sorry for the delay in replying and also I do not know what to suggest.
A long shot, but maybe placing a copy of the inspect folder in a user data area of of windows and navigating to there.
Other than that sorry.

Kind regards.

thanks for the help. enjoy