How to install AV after Firewall install

I have been using COMODO firewall for a while and was using Avira AV. I liked the way the firewall worked and hated the nuisence adds from Avira so I decided to try COMODO’s AV. When I installed it, it found infections that Avira missed (Yea! :)). Then I noticed that installing the AV uninstalled the firewall?!? I tried reinstalling the firewall and it uninstalled the AV. Does this mean I can only have one or the other? Or am I doing something wrong? ???

You have to tick both boxes :slight_smile:

Otherwise the one which is not ticked is uninstalled.


I don’t see any boxes to tick. Are we talking about the free AV and FW? The executables I was using are cfw_installer.exe and cav_installer_3264_29.exe. Should I be using Comodo Internet Security instead (executable - cispremium_installer.exe)?

You should be able to do it through the Start menu / Comodo / Add Remove Components / Change

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Correct - use the Inmternet Security installer to get both (or either).

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thank you. I will install via Comodo Internet Security executable (cispremium_installer.exe) :slight_smile: