How to increase the users until 1/5 of the market share, By Avast

AVAST Software protects over 100 million registered users in over 240 countries with its avast! antivirus program.
110 million according to vlk.
It's based on the IDC estimate of 500-700M consumer PCs in the world, and avast's 110M+ active users...

But what’s the moral of the story?
What is the big difference btw Avast 4 and 5?

  • Avast heard the wishes of the people
  • They made an excellent interface, very intuitive and very easy to use for free.

Comodo keeps almost the same interface since the version 3.

Somebody should takes notes :wink:

Yea OP is right and Avast listined. Now don’t get me wrong comodo does listen to alot of our wishes but still…BUT I DO LOVE COMODO :ilovecomodo:
Actually i might switch back to Avast! until CIS V5 is final!

but comodo to my knowledge is the only security company that gives you all of the features of the software in the free version as in the paid version. I don’t think there is another security company in the world that does that. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Probably not, but this is just an example that shows what an excellent interface is able to do although there are probably better free alternatives.

I think Fortinet offers a fully functional security suite but it pales in comparison to Comodo.

People are gonna complain either way but what CIS offers for free (AV, FW, BB, etc. with cloud technology and God knows what else soon to come) is unheard of, especially the quality of said product. The GUI will be updated in good time I’m sure, let’s just make sure CIS is functionally superb and be patient and thankful for a great free security bulldog. :-TU

To let everyone know I use to have Avast 4.8 on my computer until it started to see things like Spybot Search & Destroy as a virus and deleted the file without my permission. They soon corrected this mistake but I had enough and a friend of mine still has Avast 5.0 on his computer and it missed a virus just the other day that MalwareBytes found. So don’t think just because Avast has a lot of users that means they are better than the others it means they have good advertising. .So Comodo needs to continue to make the best AV they can and maybe then advertise more on the more popular web sights.

I think you can’t compare Comodo’s interface with what Avast had in versions 4.

Yes, may be Comodo’s interface is not so slick and sexy looking but it’s very intuitive and easy to use. I remember i used Comodo firewall 3.8 for the first time after NOD 32 and understood very easy where all important settings for firewall and D+ sat.

On contrary Avast’s GUI in all previous to 5.0 versions was just terrible. I used it and it was unbearable to look for even such simple and necessary options like disc scan. This media player Gui was just bad!!! And it’s simply prevented many users from choosing it.

So i think comodo’s situation with GUI is not so bad and it’s simple but OK to my mind

There is much more advances in version 5 of avast than only the GUI for sure (engine, virus database access, behavior shield, permantent/transient cache, statistics, control of the shields state, etc.).

Version 4.8 does NOT have automated actions. Version 5 has. So, it can’t automatically delete a file (if could, in some cases, automated send to Chest).

If you find a 100% legacy antivirus, just let me know…
Sometimes, avast is the only one to caught a virus.

On contrary, you’ll be surprised with how much they spent on advertising…

You’re right.

Yes it did and the fact that the latest Avast miss on a virus that malwarebytes found just adds that Avast isn’t all that. In fact 2 years ago they were number 1 now at least one test I saw had them down to number 18.

I have seen many of the top av’s miss what malwarebytes finds

Certificate can makes Comodo being well known in market.
But HIPS is still harde to understand by most users.
Sure It making safe but see most well known free AV doesn’t confuse about this.

If HIPS is easier for novice users it should be a good product too.

The new GUI is great.I like it much more than the Avast! new GUI, so… :comodorocks:
Well i don’t like the idea, to make CIS “more easier”.It will look stupid, like F-secure.

AVAST Software protects over 100 million registered users in over 240 countries with its avast! antivirus program.

If they count their “registered users” the same way that they count the number of countries in the world … >:-D ;D

(only a joke)

Places commonly confused as being countries include Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Greenland, Palestine, Western Sahara, and even the components of the United Kingdom (such as Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England - they're not fully independent countries, states, or nation-states).

Go telling a Scottish he is English, or even British, i wouldn’t even think of it: i don’t want to be eaten as Haggis with liters of Islay Malt.

I wouldn’t either date to tell the Dalaï Lama that he is Chinese…

Wise man. :-TU

The bottom line is, do you want a product that looks good or do you want a product that does the job?

In my opinion, who cares what a product looks like but, all the attention should be focused on how that product performs its job!

Roger :slight_smile:

You’re wrong! If a product is great but has an ugly and more important difficult to use GUI i am in doubt many users will choose it

Yes but if you want to have users to protect you need an attractive interface. You can have a very good product but if the people dont want to use it…

Roger that :wink:

Functionality first! Afterall there are many good looking Fake AV products out there…people who care more about looks than functionality can use those good looking Fake AV products :slight_smile:


I dont know how is this expresion is english but should be something like this.

“The most blind person is the person that dont want to see.”

Seems that you have not read anything in the threat just the last message, and like always somebody says something good about Comodo and your offtopic answer like almost always is:

“Yeah Comodo is super, mega, we are the best, ,yuhuuu… and Melih is a cool guy” :wink:
Come on… you are mixing Comodo with Fake AV’s… why you need to compare Comodo with the worst? Try to compare Comodo with the best and study how you can improve it.

The thing is that Comodo is already very good protecting the users and only having a good interface it could get much more users and money → +developers → a better software → +users
People dont care more about the looks than functionality but of course how the program looks is something that counts, nobody knows with a certainty of 100% which is the best AV in the world so when the people have to choose, the interface is quite important.
Another important thing is the usability, the different wishlist in the forum are plenty of good ideas to increase it, just by adding some of them the program will be user friendly, at least more than now.

Reading your post seems that Comodo dont care at all the interface, we already knew that (more or less), now we get from his CEO the confirmation. I thought that you were more ambitious.