How to improve the console (log + current traffic)


Just started to use CPF on my main desktop.
So far so good.
About the “Activity” section: both connections and logs will be useful but for now they are not. I think they need some kind of grouping and sorting features. You probably know what I mean.

For instance in the “connections” section, it is almost impossible to monitor what is going on, there are so many lines and scrolling (try it with Skype running!). What would be good would be to be able to group by process or apps and then be able to expand and collapse (see Kerio or Outpost, actually on this aspect Outpost is really excellent and clear)

I would really make a distinction between “instant monitoring” and logging feature. Logging should be sortable and “filterable”.

This will be a must for CPF to become a mature product.
Thanks for this product of course :slight_smile:

— edit —
One useful addition would be to able to choose whether a process or an app will be logged or not to improve readability or optimize possible CPU consumption.

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Great suggestion, I like it a lot, please put it in the wishlist thread (if you haven’t done it already),4612.0.html

Done … thanks