How to I UNBLOCK a website?

How do I “unblock” a website that has been blocked by Comodo? is a music website of sorts, listing the price history of old vinyl record LPs that have sold on eBay over the years. I have used this website without trouble for several years. Recently, when I tried to access the site, it brought up the Comodo webpage warning, saying it was suspected of being a “Phishing” website, and asked if I wanted to continue (not recommended) or cancel (recommended). I accidentally chose “Cancel” (or “Block”?), and now I am unable to figure out how to UNBLOCK this website.

Can someone please explain what I need to do, so that my browser can once again connect to this website?

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You could report it in this thread:

Report Blocked Sites You Believe Are Safe Here

And they should check it out. Not sure how long that will take, though.

Thanks for the reply HeffeD. I did post in the Thread you mentioned. It cannot possibly be that difficult to “UNBLOCK” a blocked website. I searched for a “Tab” in the Comodo Anti-Virus Management interface, looking for a list of “Blocked Websites”, where presumably you could check or uncheck a box to either block or unblock a website. It ought to be that simple, and probably is, but I haven’t found anything yet.

The problem is that it isn’t CIS that is doing the blocking, it is SecureDNS.

At the moment, there are no user controls for SecureDNS. The only way to get around a SecureDNS block would be to change your DNS servers back to what they were before installing CIS.

That sounds like it may be beyond my level of technical capability… how would I go about changing my DNS servers, without making things worse, like shutting down my whole Internet connection?

Would uninstalling Comodo, and then reinstalling Comodo fix the problem (and is that even advisable, or does that present other problems)?

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See my post in How do I access a blocked site

Or, you can do that. :wink:

Hi Scott to disable Secure DNS follow the instructions for your operating system below, but click automatically obtain IP and DNS then OK (See screenshot).
For XP

For Vista/Win7

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Before editing the hosts file the user needs to disable the read only setting in the Properties tab of the hosts file. Don’t forget to re enable the Read only setting again after editing.

See attached image for reference.

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Thanks for the reply Eric, I am trying to merge the solutions between this Thread and the other current Thread on this subject, “Re: How do I access a blocked site”. I went to the “etc.” folder (Windows/System32/drivers/etc) where the “Hosts” file used to be, but the “etc.” folder is now empty. I copied your reply (above) and what happened when I tried to get to the “Hosts” file in the other Thread.