How to I allow the Accuradio plugin in FireFox to play music?


Comodo is blocking the music player for in Firefox, without any messages. Can anyone tell me how to allow it? Thanks.

First, do you have the browser set to accept cookies? Accuradio seems to want that. Next, set both the firewall and Defense+ to Training Mode (Firewall>Advanced>Firewall Behavior Settings and Defense+>Advanced>Defense+ Behavior Settings) and start Firefox and browse to Accuradio’s site. This should create the permissions that you need. Then change the Mode for both back and try it again to test the new settings.

Sounds reasonable, but it doesn’t work for me. In Training mode, it still hangs on Loading… indefinitely. In Disabled mode, it plays music. Any other ideas?

I did not see any details on ports to open for it on their web page (the page with the discussion did not open). So, one more thing to try. Click Firewall>Common Tasks>View Firewall Events and click More. Locate an event like the attached picture. Note the Firefox blocked event, particularly write down the IP address and the port. In my example it is and port 8000.
Next click Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy. Locate and select the Firefox entry and click the Edit Button. Select the “Use a Custom Policy” button and then the “Copy from” button and choose Predefined Policy and “Web Browser”. Then click Add. On the Add dialog, enter the following:
(call it Accuradio)
Source: Any (can only be your computer)
Target: (the IP address from your Firewall Event - in the example)
Source Port: Any
Destination Port: (the one from the Event log - 8000 in the example)
Click Apply and make sure that the new rule is above the Block rule (drag it up if necessary) and then click Apply and Apply.
There may be a second block for the incoming signal, so you may have to add a rule for the incoming signal using the Event log info:
Accuradio In
Soure: (the IP address from your Firewall Event)
Destination: Any
Source Port: (the one from the Event log )
Destination Port: Any
That should do the trick.

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That did it! Thanks a bunch

Dude your a Genius!!

I just came across this post while i was googling “firefox Policy Comodo” I installed firefox a day ago and set it as “Web Browser” Policy but it keeps blocking some cams on some sites and i would get intrusion alert entries. after reading your helpful post to wbs33 I found it helped me too and although it was slightly different rules I had to make your guide ■■■■ well help me understand and do it

so Big thanks man :■■■■

Hi AnotherOne,

if you don’t mind me asking with the

Out ← selected to only outgoing
and in my case Destination IP had to be set to Any since it wasn’t a single IP but any, when I browse with my firefox I’m still safe right?

and hmm the Destination Port that was just to one port, that port is only listening and stealth?

sorry just some curiousities for me on things i haven’t much clue on lol. but I wanted to ask you cause your the one who has made me understood and learnt some how to make some custom rules :smiley: by that post of yours :slight_smile:

Hi Ron_75 - I would be a bit unhappy about a rule for TCP Out to any IP address unless it is port restricted at least. Firefox is just a bit too easy to use for the bad guys’ purposes. Even if you can restrict it to an IP address range it is better than allowing all IP addresses. The problem only arises when you have an infection on your system, but that is worth worrying about - you really don’t want them to be able to send all your personal info to their database. Do you use the Web Browser policy for Firefox?

hi AnotherOne,

I had followed your guide exactly, but i changed somethings a bit that applied to me.

I used the Web Browser Policy for firefox and then i added a new entry to it just like your guide said to do for that other guy to get something else working and this is how i customised the rules for it to allow a certain port to work

Action = Allow
Protocol = TCP
Direction = Out
Source Address = Single IP = my private IP (since i have a router)
Destination Address = Any (since its to any IP with a webcam)
Source Port = Any
Destination Port = 1935 ← is that what you mean by port restricted?

I’ll attach a screenshot so you can see what the firewall event viewer was blocking & logging until i added that ruleset

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Yes, that port specification will limit the hazard since a hacker’s computer won’t be listening on all ports continually. In any event, Defense+ should prevent an unknown program from utilizing Firefox for that kind of information upload - provided that you don’t give the OK without knowing what the virus is up to. One of the features of CFP that is largely unnoticed is the information that is available by clicking on the name of the program that generated the alert. If you click on it, you will get a detailed properties listing for that program, including the author/vendor, icon and a series of other details about the program. Malware generally is unsigned, has either no icon or a crude generic icon, has no details about the vendor and so on. This information is a valuable resource in evaluating the safety of unknown programs that generate alerts.

Thanks AnotherOne, I never even knew that :■■■■