How to hide my email?

I have the “hide email address” option selected in profile, yet when I posted I saw that there’s a mailto-link present. I didn’t find any other options in the profile to kill this button. Any clues as to how I can hide my email from the world?

Hi Lordpake,as far as i know if you checked the box “hide my email to the public” only you and the forum mods can see what your on about.


Okay. I hope the forum staff realizes that this is a bit spooky. After all, you disable showing email expecting NOT to see it, yet you see it.

The OP is 100% correct.

Maybe it should say “Show my email address only to me and the forum moderators”.

I really don’t see how it’s spooky, unless you’ve got a frightening address. :wink:


(Not diminishuibng your post, just having a bit of fun)