How to have updates of extensions?

How do we take and receive updated extensions or plugins? Must we uninstall one and visit the extensions & plugins store to download and install the new one? Comodo Dragon appears to have no automatic check for extension updates and perform their download and install. Some mozilla-type browsers will check and inform the user that an update is available and given the choice to download and install.

For the most part it depends on the extension/plugin. Most plugins come with the ability to auto-update, extensions, however, depend on the developer. Providing they’ve enabled updates, they should be downloaded automatically. You can check the browser update behaviour by launching dragon wither the command line flag:

dragon.exe --extensions-update-frequency=45

This will cause dragon to check for extension updates every 45 seconds, instead of every several hours, which is the default.

You can also also force a manual update by:

Opening Settings/Extensions - place a check in the Developer mode box, then click Update extensions now