How to have silent install of app updates in CIS 6.3?

Hello there,
I was used to the silent updates of older versions (5.x) but since installing the latest version (as I write 6.3.300670.2970 over Windows 8.1) I can’t find any option for a silent installation of updates.
I don’t really want to see a confimation dialog every other day asking me if I do want to install the latest update automatically downloaded, rather disruptive and pointless when the answer is always yes. So I have to ask if there is any way to have a silent installation of updates, and otherwise if Comodo as a plan to “fix”/revert that part toward something more user friendly, streamlined/less intrusive.

Thank you in advance!

p.s: I also noticed that with the newer version application updates keep on asking for a reboot which wasn’t much the case earlier AFAIR, will this be true for all app updates from now on? As it requires user action and obviously a reboot this is not a practical step at all to keep CIS up-to-date, already with a single PC. Hopefully this part could be more streamlined too! Thanks!