How to go through Comodo Dragon history?

URGENT- have been trying for months!

I installed updates for Firefox,Windows and Adobe because the stupid notifications kept coming up. I use Firefox mainly but due to Adobe it stopped loading flash so I switched to Comodo Dragon

I restored the Comodo but also did so to Firefox-I bought back the Comodo tabs but Firefox forgot the old tabs so I did a restore

The problem is now Firefox tabs are back but Comodo’s aren’t. If I open new tab to look for previous session it doesn’t have it-even with system restore it doesn’t recover them EVEN THOUGH the initial time I recovered them today (but the problem then was Firefox’s weren’t)


How do I go through the Dragon history quickly? Is there a way to display it on one long list and/or can I skip to the ‘OLDEST’ end of the list


Did you look for the pages in the browser’s history list (Ctrl+H)?


Hi ronki23,
The following quote will not help recover lost previous sessions, but it might help you save future sessions.

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As stated in my first post, the history is there but it goes back for months on end and I can’t quite remember all the pages I wanted. Is the ‘restore session’ not a real tab that can be restored? Even if I go manually, Comodo’s poor design isn’t letting me skip to ‘oldest’, only ‘newest’ or ‘older’

Is there no file/directory that lists all these pages? I’d rather look at them on one long list or use this history in another browser that DOES allow me to scroll through history quicker e.g. firefox

I did a double post because (as my history shows), people don’t reply to my threads on this forum

Hi ronki23,
The Forum is mostly community based, if a solution is unknown users will not reply it is nothing personal. :slight_smile:

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As of today the history doesn’t go back any further than December. On Sunday it went back before September. I didn’t clear any history either so I don’t understand this browser.

Another thing Comodo Dragon does is it opens Yahoo as a homepage so when I click on a new tab and then ‘recently closed tabs’ or ‘recently closed pages’ it only brings back Yahoo

Why did it ■■■■■ up so badly after an update and more importantly, why on Earth can’t I go through history through one list. Now this history only starts at December

Hello ronki23,

Are you using Google sync by any chance, and if so, are you using it on multiple devices? Deleting the history will synchronize the changes with all devices.
I would also like to know if you are using any command line parameters, if you are normally running Dragon in a sandbox or if you performed a system restore since you started experiencing the issues.


No, not using Google sync and only using it on Laptop.

The thing is I haven’t used it for months due to this problem and only switch it on say 2x a month because I didn’t want to go past the restore point. The problem now is the earliest restore point is 20th October when it should have been 2nd September

Also, even though I hibernate the system to stop it from changing, the history only goes back to December now. But on Firefox and Chrome it stays ‘forever’

Surely there must be a directory/somewhere that has this history as looking via browser used to be long winded and now doesn’t display anything past December (which it shouldn’t as it doesn’t say anywhere that history is deleted after x days on CD; on Chrome/Firefox it doesn;t anyway)

I have accessed archived history; is there a way to clean out all the gibberish e.g. pinyin symbols and random stuff? It has URLS and I want to scroll quickly through it.

I had help with this but the cache was dating back to August 2013 and the person helping me cleared browsing data so now the cache only dates back to today; but at least archived history is there.

How can I recover cache/access archived history??


Have you tried:

  1. Copying the profile to a portable installation (install Dragon portable and copy the old user profile on top of its profile).
  2. Copying the profile to a Chrome profile. (Chrome should be able to read the files as if they were its own, provided they aren’t corrupt).
    Make sure you do not damage existing profiles while you attempt this.

Retrieving the data directly from the file is not necessarily the easiest or best way. There are third party applications that can help with this though, so you don’t have to do it manually. I’ve found this application which can read the history from Google Chrome’s profile: ChromeHistoryView.
Please note that I haven’t tested this application so you should make sure it’s safe to use first. There may be other applications such as this that can help you retrieve the history directly from the file.


If it helps, i’ve attempting importing bookmarks into firefox and chrome but neither recgonise comodo dragon as something to import from

can you please elaborate on portable and history view? As stated I have archived history but chrome can’t open it though I can see the sites accessed in notepad but there is too much coding making it hard to read

Hi ronki23,
Export bookmarks from Dragon to a HTML file, this file can then be imported into your other browsers.
Dragon: See the instruction to export to a HTML file near the bottom of the help page.
To export bookmarks from Comodo Dragon-Dragon Help

Chrome: Expand ‘Import bookmarks from all other browsers’ for instructions on importing from a HTML file.
Import or export bookmarks-Chrome Support

Firefox: Import Bookmarks from a HTML file-Firefox Support

Archived history is not enough for Chrome to read it correctly. The history log is kept in several files. Try one of the following solutions.
How to:

Copying the profile to a portable installation (install Dragon portable and copy the old user profile on top of its profile).

  1. Install Comodo Dragon portable to a location different than the current Dragon installation.
  2. Copy all files from your non-portable Dragon profile to the portable Dragon profile(in the install folder). For starters you can copy only the files since that’s where the browsing history is recorded.
  3. Launch Dragon portable and see if it reads the history correctly.

Copying the profile to a Chrome profile. (Chrome should be able to read the files as if they were its own, provided they aren’t corrupt).

  1. Back up your Google Chrome user profile. Make sure you’ve backed up the profile correctly so you don’t lose any data.
  2. Same as previous steps 2 & 3.

Have you tried using any third party software to retrieve the browsing history?


Sorry I meant history

As stated, I have history only in the archived version and it shows links but it’s a huge list and it’s hard to read in notepad due to all of the coding in the way

That is OK, I thought for awhile that the issue was with history and bookmarks. :slight_smile:
Sorry I am unable to help with the history issue.

Have downloaded both Chrome History view and Comodo Dragon Portable but don’t fully know what to do next.

With Dragon Portable I have saved it in another location and copied Archived History but that file is only a notepad file and I don’t know what it should be saved as

With Chrome History View I have saved in Chrome User Data, and in Program files of 28.0.1500.95 and 32.0.1700.107

I don’t know how to copy this archived history data into Chrome as (as previously stated), the person helping me copy and pasted it into another folder before clearing browser data. I can only open in notepad.

If someone could tell me the files’ formats and how to use History view it’d be great


ChromeHistoryView can be used to view the file, if you go to “Advanced Options” and locate the “Archived History” file that you want to recover. This doesn’t offer a way to restore the data back to the user profile. You can however search for entries through ChromeHistoryView’s “Find” option (Ctrl+f).

The other way to read the user profile is by using Dragon portable (it can be done with your original Dragon installation but this avoids further loss of data).

I assume you have copied “Archived History” in the portable user profile (User Data\Default). If not, you should do this first.
Next you will want to rename “Archived History” to “History”.
When you launch Dragon portable it should read it correctly and see all the data in the file.

This method can be used to recover your browsing history but first you should know that Dragon uses two files for storing browsing history:

  • Older than three months data is saved in “Archived History”
  • Newer than 3 months data is saved in “History”

If you replace the “History” file with “Archived History” your old history will be recovered but you will lose the last three months.