How to get warning for install on demand

I downloaded a trial of this program Video Capture Software. Video, Webcam or Screen Recorder. i ran to install and it seemed to connect to download an install on demand. Comodo 7.0.315459.4132 did not warn me. How can i have comodo alert me to this. It seemed to have installed but not completely

This program is OK as far as I know but I do not like the way it connects to download an install on demand. A malware could do that too

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You’d have to run the firewall in Custom Policy mode. Safe mode will not alert for whitelisted files/file in the trusted list/ or if they have a digital signature in the TVL list. Custom Policy mode will prompt for everything depending on its alert frequency, I recommend High.

You mean the alert frequency to high? If the alert is not ticked will it allow or block silently?

I would question if NCH debut should have digital signature in the TVL list, if it has?