How to get updates from Trusted Vendors?

I receive daily updates from AVG, which is on my Trusted Vendor list. The updates always go to Pending Files despite coming from a Trusted Vendor. How can I get these past Defense+ without having to grow My Own Safe Files list?

The same problem applies to updates from other Trusted Vendors. Every download requires a visit to the CIS site to move files to My Own Safe Files list. How do I get around this nuisance? What’s the point of having Trusted Vendors if their downloads are treated the same as those from other vendors?

The Trusted Vendor thing only applies for signed executable(as far as i`m aware).One thing you could do is remove all the entries from the Pending list and move Defence+ slider to “Safe Mode”
In this configuration you will not accumalate any Pending files.

Your choice though


Updates from Trusted Vendors aren’t signed executables? If Defense+ is in Safe Mode, it’s even stricter than in Clean Mode (where it’s set now). Then, every executable would result in an alert and have to be cleared by me. Maybe the confusion is that I assumed updates or downloads from Trusted Vendors would also be trusted. In fact, I receive updates from some other Trusted Vendors, and these don’t go to Pending Files.

See if those pending files you get are signed with a different signature than the one that is in the trusted vendor list. Some companies use more than one signature on their files. If they are signed and the signature is different from the one listed in the Trusted vendor list, add the new signature.