How to get started

I have been using Sygate for many years but two weeks ago it started blocking file sharing. I couldn’t find the problem so decided to try Comodo Firewall.

I am totally lost trying to set it up. I spent several hours reading past messages about File Sharing but couldn’t understand the comments. Mostly what is confusing is that they mentioned setting up a trusted network first. I have no clue what this means.

Many of the comments started by saying to click on commands which I couldn’t find anywhere in the Comodo menus.

When I installed Comodo, it popped up a screen saying to join a trusted network. I answered the first time but it popped up several more of these screens. I have no idea what this does nor why it kept asking. I entered a different name each time.

Where can I see the list of these networks and is it necessary to see them?

May I suggest that you try the help menu. Search for “my network zones” This should give you a good place to start.

Hope this helps