How to get rid of "text enhance"

When I go to any website with text some words are highlighted as if a link.
However up comes a advert. If the cursor passes over by accident the highlighted word up comes that advert. Very annoying malware.

There are instructions on how to delete this on firefox, chrome etc but I have not found the Dragon instructions.

maybe disabling java or use adblock plus for comodo dragon

For chrome(and it's varients)

Use this site to pick which catagory of ads you want to block, if you have a hard time finding the list
Known Adblock Plus subscriptions

Hi robmilo,
Check for extensions (Menu, tools), or plug-ins (Menu, settings, show advanced settings, privacy, content settings) that you have not installed and if evident either disable or remove.

Yes I deleted panda, a divx extension and downloaded adblock and it seems to have worked. :slight_smile:
Thank you :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that it seems OK. :slight_smile: