How To Get Rid Of Antimalwarego


I’ve got this application on my system and it wasn’t even detected by Comodo.

This application places a *.exe file under C:\Users<Your Username>\AppData\Local\Temp (Windows Vista 64-bit) in this case.

For more information on how to remove this:–-get-rid-of-antimalwarego-faceless-scam/

What I did:

  • disable all network connections, REBOOT, before Windows starts up, press F8 for Safe Mode without network.
  • Once started in Safe Mode, go to this Temp-dir and remove this file (or all, except system/ hidden files) completely
  • If you’re not exactly sure which file you need to remove, go to Start > Run > “msconfig” > tab Startup to check which entry is listed in this dir and disable this entry also.
  • Even better, but not necessary, start System Restore in Tools tab to restore from the last restore point
    and/ or before booting again select " Last good known configuration"

Good luck and please COMODO team, update the software so this is also detected before this can cause more damage(s)


Malware that sits in Temp folder is harmless. If it isn’t loaded in memory, it cannot damage the computer. The page you mentioned in your post provides spyware removal instructions, but they are actually promoting their fake antivirus software. Do not download anything from that site.

It would be great if you could report the file.

AV False Positive/Negative Detection Reporting

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Hi deadman ,
As it was discussed many times - WOT is community rating and is extremely unreliable similar to other as any community ratings. (as one of the experienced users here correctly said … something like : " for kids")
Then remember Comodo’s “Treatcast” ? - it was “very helpful” wasn’t it?

Have a look here
You can add to that many other scanners that are testing the code of the site like Dr.Web,… & even Comodo’s Site Inspector & many others…
Green & Safe!

Can you tell us please what kind of rogue the site mentioned by the original poster, which I’ve just visited is promoting?
The removal of the “Antimalware Go” is currently on a front page (see attached) & I browsed the site without an issue

Am I missing something? I tried , but I couldn’t find one
Please post the rogue name or the link to the one that the said site is promoting
Point to the right direction - that will be appreciated by many


Hi Suriguy

Have you indeed installed the rogue “Antimalware Go”?
If so, in brief - do not ever attempt to fight any malware in Safe Mode. You will fail in 99.(99)% of cases That was discussed here many times.

If you confirm the installation or the said rogue we can give you an advice … where to go in order to remove it (hopefully)
Point is - the instruction could be already outdated, since rogues usually do not come along. The Software may evolve already, therefore you may have a different variant of it. Among other ugly stuff those in many cases are installing Rootkit(s). Not that I wanna scare you, but that’s the case… and so on & so forth

My regards

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the funny thing is it just suddenly appeared in the taskbar and installed itself in the Startup. ???

I didn’t install anything and never would!

So, be aware…

And as I said I already removed it…This was just advice