How to get out of Comodo Forums?

Please, I’d like to know how to delete the account I have in Comodo Forums.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry rosivaldo, we don’t delete user accounts.

I’ve disabled email notifications on your account if that is your concern.

Ok. It’s Hotel California: “You can never leave.” :slight_smile:

Indeed my concern is not about email notifications. It is about having to worry whether, in a far future, someone may hijack an account that I’m not using anymore. Worse: it may be done without any knowledge of mine, since I’d prefer to forget this account.

Any tip?

Thanks in advance.

We can change your email and password, so nobody will be able to access the account if you wish.

The only problem you seem to have another account.


Forgive me, but I didn’t understand the last sentence. Could you clarify?

Thanks again.

PM sent.