How to get Macrophone working? [RESOLVED]

I use this program:
It’s connecting through port 6666 and once Comodo Firewall is running, I can’t use it anymore. I used the setting Train wit Safe Mode, but I was not asked about the program. I have even put it into the trusted apps list. No change. Only if I set the firewall to disabled it’s working. Can anyone please help? The server part is running on a server, the client on a different computer.

From the Macrophone documentation

By default the MacroPhone server answers requests from clients on TCP/IP port 6666. The port on which the clients can be reached by the server is 6667. If multiple clients run on the same machine (e.g. when multiple users are active under Windows XP) the clients will then try to allocate the next first free port (e.g. 6668, 6669, etc.). Communication through these ports is possible over a corporate network (LAN) or over the internet, if the ports are routed and not blocked by a firewall.

Going by this, if you have created a zone rule to allow TCP/UDP traffic across your LAN it should work.

Are there any relevant entries in your firewall logs?
Have you created a zone to cover your internal LAN?

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However I don’t think it’s a good idea to have a global rule to allow such traffic. My problem rigth now is, I have a VPN to my home network. Everything works, like Windows file sharing, FTP, Remote Control, except that darn Macrophone.
Why is there no way to get it to work if I put it into the trusted application list?

The application rules determine WHAT can get out. The network rules detemine HOW.

Ah, thank you, finally working.

Glad to hear its worked out for you. I’ll lock this topc, but if you need it reopened, PM me or one of the other mods.

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