How to get it to remember?

Everytime I start World of Warcraft defense + pops up saying bla bla, I have the allow request and remember my answer checked and I click allow on the 5 or 6 different times it pops up till I get into WoW.

But then if I quit WoW or restart the computer it still keeps asking me each time for each thing!!!

It doesn’t do it for live messenger but it does it for several other programs as well.

I’ve used it on installations of xp32 xp64 vista32 and w7 64 beta and on all of them it just refuses to remember the answers for WoW, Eve Online, Crysis and several other games and programs.

instead of allow & remember.
how about use treat this application as…trusted application?

Read this topic: . It is the longest of a couple of topics on WoW. I think WoW will start another executable with a different name each time. This is to shield from malware that is after WoW passwords and stuff.

I remember when I use to play Magic the Gathering it had that problem however when the box popped up asking if you want to allow it you could see that the .exe file was a different name each time where as with wow it doesn’t change.

I also had wow on an older system and it never popped up after the first time I told it to allow, unlike that other post i’m also running wow directly not from the launcher which is what seemed to be causing the issue on that post.

I’ve tried trusted app as well but all the apps still keep popping up everytime they run.