How to get ISPQ to work under COMODO

After reading on a forum about Comodo being such a great firewall, I decided to remove my Sygate Personal Firewall and instead use Comodo.
But, what never was a problem in Sygate seems to be a problem in Comodo. I use a videochat program ISPQ, and it worked fine under Sygate. I just had to answer once to allow the program, and i could use it with no problem.
After staring the program ISPQ when Comodo was my firewall, Comodo asked me if i would allow ISPQ to run, i allowed it and turned on to remember my answer. But, if i now do a connectivity test in ISPQ it tells me to forward ports 2008-2010 to This means i can send messages, but live video does not work, which i really do need working. The same problem with yahoo messenger, and msn messenger. i can chat, but i cant use the video-chat, it just doesnt allow to connect.
This wasn’t needed under Sygate, and as i use ISPQ frequently, i uninstalled Comodo, and re-installed Sygate.
Has anyone any clues how i can get ISPQ (and messengers) to work under Comodo?

Hi PieterToo and welcome to the forum! My first suggestion is to create a rule for inbound\out bound traffic on these ports and move the rule up as hierarchy matters. Also from the site, I get a different read on your configuration, perhaps you should look as the video ports are lower…