How to get anyone at Comodo to get in touch

We are a small reseller and have only about 70 certificates from Comodo.

I have found that as time has gone support has got worse and worse to the point where we have finally decided to cut and run and go with another provider who responds to our emails in less than 3 days. Less margin but at least we can get the certificates issued without any fuss.

We requested Comodo contact us to discuss our concerns before making this decision and had no reply and have still had no reply 2 weeks later except for an email from them that arrived 3 days after our initial contact asking if we wanted sales or support.

I then sent in 2 more emails over the course of 10 days requesting that someone reply to me.

So far to date still nothing.

We have money in Comodos reseller account that we would like refunded now as their lack of contact has simply made our minds up for us.

How do i go about getting this money back when they wont reply to any of our emails?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Cam;

Please Visit Comodo’s Live Support

They Should Be Able To Assist You!
(Also an Comodo Staff may be by to help you here as well)

Kind Regards

I’m not sure Live Support can fix this, but it’s at least advisable to file a ticket on their support site.
These are handled by Support team.

Once logged in you can chose to ‘submit a ticket’ and select ‘department’ Certificates (default).

Thanks guys

Will just have to try emailing them again and will submit a ticket.



pls pm me with your details and i will get it dealt with asap.

sorry for the issues you had. Its simply not acceptable. The whole industry is going thru a change at the moment but this should NOT have affected you.

My apologies!