How to get all Predefined Policies in the Treat this application as list

I thought I’d share this info as I searched the forum looking for an answer and saw people with the same problem as far back as 2008, and there was never a single reply to any post asking about it.

The problem is when you create a “Predefined Policy” in the firewall settings, you expect it to show up in the “Treat this application as” list when an alert pops up, but you don’t see all your predefined entries in that list, just some of them.

The cause seems to be that the firewall is being a bit too clever and filtering items out of the list that the current alert would not apply to.

The solution is to make all entries in your predefined policies always apply to all alerts. To do this, open one of the predefined policies that doesn’t currently show up and add the following rule to the bottom of its list: “Block IP In/Out From MAC Any To MAC Any Where Protocol Is Any”, then try it again to see if the policy now shows up in alerts. If it does, add that rule to the end of all your predefined policies. If it doesn’t, I can’t help you, because it worked for me.

I’m using v5.10 with firewall and defense+ installed (antivirus not installed).

If you use this fix and it works for you, it would help if you confirm it by adding a reply, because it fixes one of the known issues in the list here: (the list can be updated if the fix works for all).