[HOW TO] FTP sever & connection over EASY VPN

Since i’m not using a windows file sharing ( yes, it’s a idiot friendly ) i realu need something, what
can suit me. so here is my simple how to … a ftp server and connection to it.

what we need ?

easy vpn

cerberus ftp server

file zilla fpt client

u can use ofc. other ftp server/client software. but i’m not sure hot to use it, so u need to find it out by u self ;]

step 1 - lets rock

if u have all stuff i give it here, install it & run. make sure u dont have any firewall protection, or configure it so the comodo and ftp server/client can get connetc with internet without nothing.

next step it’s a creating a network over comodo. after u made it, u can start invite friends or u pet. what u like, do it. now lets configure comodo. run it and log into. now let’s make sure, nothing is betwen the comodo<->internet connection.

for do that, go to start → run

now write

‘ping 5.x.x.x’ and press enter (without the ’ & where the 5.x.x.x it’s you’s own ip adress from comodo evpn)

what u see now, it’s reguest from ping command. as long u see ttl=something it’s ok. but if u see
‘request time out’ what u need to do it’s make sure, firewall is uninstaled (if u turn it off, it will still works as system bacground process) and there is nothing more, what can block way for comodo to internet.

configuration of cerberus

now ( comodo IS ON ALL THE TIME) run cerberus. as soon it’s start’s make sure u have check this box on the right side of window

what it is ? it’s a (mine) comodo adress. it’s on this adress only cerberus will run his ftp server. only on this, so no1 from lan network/any other place will not connect.next thing is configuration for connection. simply go to

Configuration => Server Manager

and in tab ‘general’ and make sure, u have configure as on image

now press ok button and go to

Configuration => User Manager

here what we need to do, it’s add new user/users with permision for download/upload/other. simply, in tab ‘users’ press the ‘new’ button. after this, u can change user name/password/change other user login behavior.

what i do, it’s a create user with:

name - test
password - test
simultaneous logins - 1

now uder this, just like on screen, u can change place for his space on your’s ftp server. just press the ‘…’ button and browse for folder, where u want to store files for friend. in my test server, it will be on c:/test ftp … u can try other location, like usb drive/other

after u choose place, now press the ‘add to root’ so u can configure it. just mark it and on right side u have options to change. like download/upload/change/rename/other. simply just tick the box and u can see it’s change from ‘deny’ to ‘allow’ … and this is permision for acctions over file’s in our server. any1 who can connect to server, can change ( if u give permision for it) upload or download ( and mutch more, all u need it’s a allow/deny)

add user with ip range. or block user. now, when u configure root for each user, now let’s add some users. so they can or can’t connect to our server. to do it, go to

Configuration => IP Manager

as u can see on picture, u can add range of ip adress. or simply add 1 adress only. and u can simply allow or deny to connect to ftp server.

to do it, simple tick the ‘assign a range of adress’ and put ip adress. IT’S NEED TO BE A COMODO EASY VPN ADRESS. why ? we are creating our ftp server over the comodo. now, after u have add some ip adress, u can change to connect or not to connect for this ip adress. as u can see it on picture

now, when u have all stuff configure, lets make sure, u can connect to server. close all runing prgrams. run comodo … run cerberus (go to file → start server) … now it’s time of the truth … file zilla.run file zilla and on the window, type in box’s as it’s on picture

host - your’s ip adress from comodo ( for me it’s )
username - username we have create ( for me it’s a new )
password - password we have choose ( again it’s a new )

and press ‘quickconnect’ … if rverything is configure ok, u should see on right side of filezilla screen our root folder for ftp server.

now simply give for u friend network name and password on comodo evpn. after hi connect, make sure connection is ok ( on hamachi work’s as well with slow connection) create new user in cerberus/pud you’s friend ip adress/make permision’s for download-upload and have fun


ps. i’m using a xp prof. with sp.2 … over vista/7 what u need to do, it’s in control pannel → Network and Sharing Center

for vista - Now press Alt, click on Advanced > Advanced Settings and put Hamachi at the top of the list.

for 7 - then, on the left side panel, click on ‘Change adapter settings’. Now press Alt, click on Advanced > Advanced Settings and put Hamachi at the top of the list.

If you’re running Vista ensure that Hamachi appears in the ‘Network and Sharing Center’ as a ‘Private Network’ .
If it doesn’t, then press customize (at Hamachi, of course) and set it to ‘Private Network’. … not sure how to configure it on 7 ;/

here is some how to on 7 … simply mark comodo connection as a private network

Great work! Thanks.

more next time. like private torrents/dc hub/how to make a remote coffe ;d

Is there an easier way to share files over the Easy VPN??, i see you mention Windows file sharing??


it’s eassier for me :wink: … coz as u know, windows file sharinf don’t have file transfer resume :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

and u can try to map a network drive and use comodo to file sharing. and as mutch i know, u can use evrything, what u use to file sharing over .net. i have try with suces easy file sharing web server over hamachi, so i thing this will worl with comode as well.