how to forward ports

hey everyone. im wondering how i forward the port 6112 through the firewall. ive tried the training mode, and i have tried manually doing it, but have not had any success. any help would be appreciated. (:HUG)

Can you provide more info. What program are you trying to put on port 6112? Do you have a router\modem with a hardware firewall?

its for starcraft(im a nerd) i have a netgear router WGR614 v5, and a modem, but i dont believe those have a firewall. i have tried to open the port with my old router which was a Dlink, and it still didnt work.

i also just tried the trusted application rule, and the port was still blocked :frowning:

Your not a nerd and you do not need to port forward to play Starcraft unless your a server. I am a gamer. Read my sticky. Works for all games. You can also just manually add the games exe’s to the firewall and D+.

If this is your modem you have a firewall. Simply type 192.168.1 plus what other numbers and you will get into your modem settings.

alright, the router firewall is off. i really dont like this router lol. And your topic does work, but for me no one can connect when i host. With CFP off anyone can.