How to force a file to be trusted in CIS?

Hi all.

I have a question: How can I make CIS recognize a file as trusted and NEVER ASK ME AGAIN ABOUT THAT FILE or NEVER AUTOMATIC BLOCK THIS FILE?

I ask this because I have some files that CIS recognize as potential malwares but they are not and even I I set these files as trusted, CIS, everytime, block these files. I need this option to fully work on CIS because its slowing down my business.

EDIT.: Latest CIS version 7, updated.

First off, what version of CIS are you using?

Also, do you wish to add an Antivirus or Defense+ exclusion? Or both?

Topic edited with the version.

I want to have the file to be trusted by “CIS”. I am a normal user who use CIS as a security software. I dont want to have to care about things like what you ask.

I want CIS to trust a file that I want it to be trusted, even if it can damage my OS. Is there a way to do so? From sandbox, from av, I dont care. I just want CIS to complete ignore files that I say so.

If your using v7 you can assign files to never be isolated or blocked by Behavior blocker even if they get updated Here is how to do this:

Also how to set Antivirus exclusions in v7: