How to fool and torture a hacker ?

Any email provider or any website login should bring a change in security. I want to share my idea. Google introduced 2 step authentication which is useless when it comes to hacking. I can explain how they hack. Firstly the hacker hacks the user’s phone so that when he receives the sms code the hacker will use the code faster than the user to login. To avoid such hacks google should introduce a clever common sense which is simply not to allow users to create passwords but google should create a technique where the only way to login is that the user should give a missed called to google or any login source website and that missed called itself should allow the users to login. Mobile number is unique and hacker won’t have the ability to make a missed call from that unique number unless he uses the real user’s mobile phone.

I’m assuming hacked = smart phone here. But given that, wouldn’t the Google login have probably been exposed anyway? And even if it hadn’t, would making a phone call be any harder than intercepting an SMS on a hacked smart phone?

The only way to prevent cyber crimes is to turn off the computer and disconnect from the internet.
Sorry, I do not take seriously the challenges of life. That hinders us to think >:-D

Every time we login our request is sent to the server that checks our user name and password which can be hacked by any number of hackers. My excellent idea is that each mobile number is unique and only one user can give a missed call to the server and hackers can’t use our mobile number to access the server to login unless they have our SIM card. Even if we lost our SIM we can block the remote SIM and take a new one with the same number.

Preferably the missed call should be a video call to the server. This video call should be free of charge only for logins. The server should show the number of times we have logged with our video clips so that we can track any suspicious activity other than our family.

When such technology comes the hackers will ■■■■ their heads on the wall as they can’t hack anymore and we don’t need antivirus at all.

Sim cards can be tracked along with the IMEI of any smart phone. As far as hackers not being able to hack any more that would be crazy. There will always be hackers out there. I was reading this basic tutorial on hacking and it got be thinking. As long as you are using passwords, then brute force attacks will always be present no matter what device you are on. As long as there is traffic coming to and from a network, you will always be able to open a command line to analyze the traffic. There will always be hacking in this world, as long as someone wants to find exploits in any system.

In Brazil it is very common to find who is able to clone numbers not only cell (not worth saying that modern devices stolen, blocked by the owner are easily unlocked in any corner), credit cards …

worldwide police have data interception methods if authorities have. then imagine criminals …

Interesting… How is Brazil able to track cell phone spoofing?

Interesting... How is Brazil able to track cell phone spoofing?

imsi catcher - I would like to have one of these but dont have the extra money to waste :wink: